Friday, June 20, 2014

Sportsmanship and the World Cup

The World Cup is here, and with it comes excitement, pride, competition, and sportsmanship.  Sportsmanship.  That ever-important life skill.  Whenever a competition of any sort occurs, whether athletic, academic, or just for fun, winning and losing is inevitable.  (Yes, I'm stating the obvious, here.)  But sportsmanship is more than winning and losing gracefully.  It's about compromise, being supportive, playing fairly, following rules, and showing respect.  So how do we help students  understand compromise?  How do we help students understand the effects of their choices, whether good or bad?  How do we help students recognize sportsmanship in others?

These questions led me to create a new social language activity pack, which I'm super excited about!  It  answers several of my questions…imagine that. The activity pack includes idioms related to sportsmanship, understanding cause and effect, posters targeting sportsmanship skills, award templates for students to recognize other students, a sportsmanship rubric,  flow-charts and an activity to help make the abstract concept of compromise more concrete.

You can check out the activity pack, Be A Good Sport: A Social Language Based-Activity Pack at our TpT store.  The Compromise! and the posters and rubric products are available separately, too.

We also have a World Cup for Kids board on Pinterest you can find here as well as sportsmanship videos that you can find here.

Please let us know what you think, and as the Brazilians say, "chocolate" (who-ko-la-chee) (which means to massacre your opponent).   Go USA!

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